How is a black box fitted and why is it good to have one?

When taking out a Black Box insurance policy you may be wondering how the product is actually going to be fitted. After all, it’s going in your car, and it’s going to be monitoring your driving. You may even be wondering if you’re going to have to fit it yourself. After passing your test, and getting your first car you probably won’t welcome the stress of fitting your own black box. However, rest assured most, if not all, insurance companies that offer Black Box insurance will send someone to fit the box for you. All you need to worry about is how you drive when the product is fitted.

Where Is the Black Box Fitted?

The location of the black box product itself is usually discreet and out of sight; it isn’t usually put on display, as putting it in a position where it is on display could see it susceptible to theft as it could be mistaken for a high-quality item, especially if the lighting is correct. The black box product should be fitted in a way that doesn’t have any effect on the material used in your car, which may be a concern if the material in your car is high quality.

Benefits of Having a Black Box?

There are many reasons why it is good to have a black box insurance young drivers product; for one you’re almost guaranteed to get access to lower rates for insurance if you go through an insurance company that offers black box insurance. You’ll also be able to view how you’re driving, which will allow you to fully assess your driving so that you can keep on top of bad habits. Furthermore, the black box itself isn’t on display, and therefore it works perfectly as a tracker if your car is stolen, which is especially reassuring if you have a car that is of high quality or value.

What Data Does a Black Box Record?

The black box will record how you drive amongst other things so the insurance company you are with can assess your driving. This is standard for most Black Box insurance policies, and you may struggle to find a Black Box insurance product that operates differently. The box will record how you drive using GPS or GPRS data and other technology. It will record things like speed, braking and cornering. Depending on the insurance company, the black box may also record where the car is parked too. The black box won’t be able to distinguish the conditions the car is driving in, so if it’s raining, the lighting is poor or the road isn’t of high quality, it won’t have any bearing on the data being recorded.

How Does the Black Box Record the Data?

Many people who are hesitant to take out a black box insurance policy and subsequently have a black box fitted are worried the black box itself will have control of the engine. As highlighted in the Where is the Black Box Fitted? paragraph the black box cannot affect the car’s performance. It only records data on how the car is being driven using GPS and similar technologies. The black box cannot interfere with the car, so, for example, if you are speeding then the black box will record that you are speeding but not stop you such as cutting the power to the engine.


If you are worried whether the product being fitted to you is high quality, then worry not as your insurance company will want to ensure it keeps working so it’s usually built with sturdy material, so that it lasts. If you want cheaper insurance then going with an insurance company that offers Black Box insurance is a sure-fire way to guarantee that. Whilst a black box can feel like a restriction, it should actually help promote good driving habits after passing your test. This should make you a better driver in the future, helping you to avoid getting a speeding ticket or picking up endorsement points on your licence.